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  • Melrose Park Arts and Culture

    The State of the Art Scene in Melrose ParkWhile this King of Corporate Suburbia might be state of the art, what is the state of art in Melrose Park, IL? This village may be known for eye catching real estate, nightlife and restaurants, but there is a thriving culture in and around the city. Your first stop is in town for the Melrose Park Public Library. The library frequently unveils art ... Read More

  • Melrose Park Museums

    Are There Any Melrose Park, Illinois Museums?Don’t fret if you’re having difficulty finding Melrose Park, IL museums. While there isn’t much to see in Melrose Park itself, you can still find some museums around the area. Within the village, be sure to see the Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. This is a one of a kind National Italian Parish for the Archdiocese of Chicago. Visitors ... Read More

  • Melrose Park Restaurants

    A Guide to Melrose Park Illinois RestaurantsIs that your stomach rumbling or mine? Everyone has to eat, and if you find your self in Illinois in need of something to fill the void, there is enough variety in Melrose Park, Illinois restaurants to make everyone happy.A hidden gem and fabulous Melrose Park dining experience is waiting at the Caputo Cheese Market. This market is filled with al ... Read More

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