Melrose Park Government Offices

The government keeps the peace in Melrose Park, Illinois.
Where Can I Find the Melrose Park IL Government Offices?

Melrose Park, IL is known as a very warm, accommodating and safe community. This is a place where people look out for one another. How is such an environment sustained? By strong management at the Melrose Park government offices.

The main office is led by Mayor Ronald M. Serpico. The main office is at Village Hall on 1000 N. 25th Avenue, (708) 343-4000. The main quarters are opened weekdays 9-5 and half a day Saturday. You can contact various offices directly if you know your department. For example, there is the Cook County Assessor, Maywood Branch at 1500 Maybrook Square, (708) 865-6032. The Cook County Clerk's Office is found at 1311 Maybrook Square, (708) 865-6010. If you have health questions then contact the Cook County Department of Public Health at 1010 W. Lake Street or at (708) 445-2400.

There are also three departments for forest preservation police, (708)-771-1000, and the Cook County Legal Assistance Foundation at (708) 524-2600. There is also a Parental Stress Services office at 600 S. Federal Street or accessible by phone at (312) 427-1161. The Village Hall location is where you can take care of birth and death certificates, vehicle stickers and contractor licenses. For problems or questions with the human resources department, contact (708) 343-4000.

The village of Melrose Park is an incorporated municipal government. Its government operates similarly to an incorporated city. However, because of the smaller population and smaller geographic scope it is technically considered a village. Residents pay tax to the village and can vote in local elections as well.

For more information on this village, look up the official Melrose Park gov website. Melrose Park, IL government has come a long way in the last 150 years and its residents are now watching it transform into a popular tourist attraction.

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