Melrose Park Real Estate

Real Estate in Melrose Park, Illinois.
Beautiful Real Estate in Melrose Park, Illinois

The real estate scene in Melrose Park, Illinois is booming. Prices of Melrose Park, Illinois homes have skyrocketed in resale value over the last ten years. Meanwhile crime statistics have lowered. The community also boasts some of the lowest water rates for its residents throughout the state. There is believed to be just under 22,000 people currently living in the city.

There are about 7,600 households and 5,400 families residing within this large village. The population density right now is about 5,465.7 people per square mile. One of the most interesting things about Melrose Park is that it is made up of at least 50% Latino population. The estimated median home value in the year 2008 was $285,657. This has been a dramatic increase within just eight years, as the 2000 total was $155,200.

Melrose Park, Illinois real estate is booming right now, and not only because of the community’s strong leadership, but because of an increased effort placed on tourism. Some of the village’s most promising careers are in land development, real estate and manufacturing. What kind of houses can you find in Melrose Park? You can hunt for detached houses, large homes, small duplexes, double bedroom homes, family units, mansions, condos and even mobile homes.

Melrose Park, IL real estate can be priced anywhere from $139,000 to well over one million dollars. It mainly depends on what type of home you are looking for, and what your family needs might be. When looking for real estate in the area, always try to consult with a real estate agent. If you are ready to buy or lease a home, the agent may know of a property that is unlisted but just the type of property you are looking for. Welcome to Melrose Park, IL—a suburban paradise and a realtor’s dream.

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