Melrose Park Restaurants

Is that your stomach rumbling or mine? Everyone has to eat, and if you find your self in Illinois in need of something to fill the void, there is enough variety in Melrose Park, Illinois restaurants to make everyone happy.

A hidden gem and fabulous Melrose Park dining experience is waiting at the Caputo Cheese Market. This market is filled with all sorts of wonderful and authentic Italian treats. One of which is a small but charming café with a wonderfully Italian inspired menu. Melrose Park has a big Italian-American population, so only the best Italian restaurants tend to make it here. Items on the menu include panini grilled sandwiches, roasted eggplant, and of course pizza sold by the slice. Once your meal is done, don’t forget to check out the bakery! Cannolis, Italian cookies, and many other great surprises await you.

Do you have an even greater hunger begging to be quenched? Then your next search for Melrose Park, IL restaurants will probably lead you to Tom’s Steak House. When you first walk through the doors you may feel like you have just stumbled on to a set of one of those old mobster movies. The scene is dated with thick wood paneling on the walls, and even a pull handle cigarette machine. However, the draw to Tom’s, like it should be with any truly great restaurant, isn’t the décor—it’s the food. Steaks, prime ribs and salads, oh my! The most talked about thing on the menu is the King Filet Mignon. As you can see Melrose Park, IL restaurants have great food that will really fill you up.

There are many great restaurants in Melrose Park, Illinois for you to discover and enjoy. Of course if all else fails you are just a hop skip and a jump away from some local deep-dish pizza!