5 Well Known Pastors

It's one thing to be a pastor, some people are born into it. It is another thing, however, when one has a true rags to heavenly-riches story behind him. Pastors like Ed Young, and the following below, became some of the most influential and motivational of their profession. Five well-known, influential pastors include, but are not limited to Pastor Geronimo, Todd Burpo, Rick Warren, Adrian Rogers, and who could forget, Billy Graham.

Pastor Geronimo, or Pastor G as some call him, is the founder of Americas fastest growing church, The ROC (Richmond Outreach Center). As a result of his troubling past, he went to work with people that had similar stories as himself. Here, he developed his passion for under privileged, poor Americans; in addition he learned that God will without a doubt "turn his tragedies to triumphs." From his passion to help the poor, he noticed their lack of a proper support system. In April of 2001 he founded the Richmond Outreach Center, a place where local churches and individuals could come together. By the year 2003, hundreds of people were influenced by pastor G's words each week, today over 11,000 seek guidance through the ROC each day. Since the opening of the ROC, Pastor G has expanded by developing ROC-style ministries in Costa Rica, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and more, all of which are dedicated to helping the poor by guiding them to success in any way.

Todd Burpo is most widely known as the father of Colton Burpo, and the author of Heaven is for Real. As the story goes, Todd's son Colton had a near death experience, from which no one thought he would survive. Pastor Burpo Prayed the lord save his son, soon after news came that his son was alive and well. The spine chilling part of this story is four year old Colton is said to have seen heaven, and when he returned could give vivid detail on things that he never knew about, people who he never knew existed that were dead for years, and can point out exactly what Christ looks like.

Rick Warren is the pastor of the eighth largest church in America, as well as an influential author of The purpose Driven Church (his most influential work), and The Purpose Driven Life. Warren's books were aimed to other pastors worldwide in an attempt to show them the most effective way to change and lead their churches. Worldwide, about 400,00 pastors have attended seminars and read his work. The famous term, purpose driven, is associated with the attempts to keep and balance the five main purposes of life. They are the all important practice of worship, a ministry, discipleship, the fellowship, and evangelism in their churches.

Adrian Rogers became known best through his TV and radio ministries. As well as being a pastor, he served three times as president of the Southern Baptist Convention, equaling thirty-two years. Turing this time, the congregation grew from 8,000 to a whopping 29,000 people. He is the founder of the Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Program, and the author of eighteen books. Even though he died in 2005, Rogers "Love Worth Finding" program is still sending his sermons worldwide to this day.

Last, but certainly not least on our list is Billy Graham. Pastor Graham easily tops the charts when it comes to most influential pastors of the century. When Preaching Magazine posted a list of the most influential pastors of the twentieth century, he made second place. A more recent study from LiveWay has Graham listed as number one most influential pastor. He was the spiritual advisor to a number of America's past presidents. He is also the founder of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. This association includes TV and radio broadcasting, as well as magazine and newspaper publications and more.

Ed Young is certainly in good company with this fine group. All of these ministries provide a lot of help and guidance to many.

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