A Cervical Pillow Provides the Support Your Patients Need

Many of a chiropractor or other health practitioner’s patients deal with problems of the upper spine, thus suffering from a good deal of neck pain. Other patients may have problems with the TMJ, and thus live with a chronic pain in the jaw and neck from this ailment. For these patients, the health practitioner will often try to change the sleep patterns of their patients, knowing that the way a person sleeps can often contribute to their chronic pain. In other cases, of course, it is simply too painful for a patient to get a good night of sleep because of some outstanding ailment of the upper spine. In either case, the chiropractor will often recommend to his or her patient the use of a cervical pillow, which will provide essential support to the head, neck, and spine and thus alleviate a good deal of the pain the patient experiences on a nightly basis. This allows the patient to resume their life with new vigor and confidence, working and enjoying themselves to their full potential.

There are many types of cervical pillows that a chiropractor can recommend or prescribe to his or her patients depending on their particular needs and wishes. For some patients, a fully supportive foam pillow will provide the support they need to all parts of the upper spine, including the upper back, the neck, the shoulders, and the head. Many of these cervical pillows provide a gentle cradling of these body areas, having enough give to be comfortable and restful while also being firm enough to keep the head and neck level and still during sleep. Other cervical pillows are of the water filled variety, and the great thing about these sleep aids is that they can easily be adjusted by the patient to fit his or her own needs. The water pillows can be filled only partially for a softer pillow or can be filled to capacity for the maximum of firmness and support. Still other types of cervical pillows incorporate the capacity for heating and cooling of the neck muscles to thus provide an extra amount of pain relief for the patient as highlighted by many medical news sources.

All of these cervical pillow types will easily and readily be accepted into the patient’s night time sleeping habits once he or she realizes the full benefit of this added amount of cervical support. It is for this reason that many chiropractors are enthusiastic about the benefits of these excellent sleep aids.


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