Newest Bluetooth Hearing Aids Sound Like The Future

If you or your loved one is looking for a hearing aid, you can go toward either non-electronic or electronic hearing aids. There are costs and benefits to both. The most important thing is to be informed enough to pick the aid that is best for you.

Every type of hearing aid controls volume and sound quality differently. Non-electronic aids determine the quality largely by the size of the aid. The smaller the aid, the more easily it will fit in your ear canal, but it will also have lower sound quality, a shorter battery life, and will be more expensive. Electronic aids have a new, sometimes hard to get used to, ability to tune into your surrounding devices. Electronic aids fall into the following categories: directional microphones, telephone adapters, bluetooth technology, and remote control hearing aids.

Bluetooth hearing aids are the newest hearing aid technology. They connect to any bluetooth device in the area and allow their wearer to appreciate the sound transmitted by that device at a normal listening volume. These devices create easy listening environments for watching television with your family, talking on cell phones, and listening to music. The aid communicates with other, self-selected bluetooth devices in the immediate area by sending sound through a wireless spectrum. That’s different from other devices that communicate through air waves.

Once the Bluetooth aid is connected to surrounding technology, sound will be delivered to it directly. You get to choose which other devices connect, and then be able to adjust the sound on the hearing aid as you see fit. This level of sound transmission sophistication will keep your eardrums from being further damaged. And so, while your hearing cannot get better, it will also not get any worse. 

The one difficult aspect to wearing a bluetooth hearing aid that’s difficult to get used to  is that while it will make hearing the sound transmitted from any compatible device high quality and readily audible, it will make conversing with other people while you are bluetooth connected more difficult. For example, if you bluetooth connect your device to your television, you and your family will be able to comfortably watch it together but you will not be able to comfortably talk to each other while watching it. However, it is important to remember that bluetooth devices do not require bluetooth activation all the time. It’s a feature that can be turned off and on.

No hearing aid will restore your hearing to normal. Hearing aids can improve quality of sounds and dim background noise but they cannot make you hear as you once did.

After you pick the right hearing aid, it will be important to practice it in all various environments in order to adapt what those different environments will now sound like. The most important step in reaching a decision about what hearing aid is right for you, is to go get a hearing check-up. This will indicate to your doctor the level of aid you need and help guide your selection.

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