Six Creative Ways to Use Color Labels

Staying organized is an important part of running a business. Using colored labels can help you stay on top of important business, but they can do more than that. Colored labels can even help you attract new customers and grow your business for very little money.

Prioritizing Documents

In a busy office it can be hard to keep track of what needs to be done and when. To avoid missing deadlines, use colored labels to note how important a document is. Use green labels for documents that need to be dealt with within one month, yellow labels for documents that need to be dealt with within a week and red labels for documents that need to be taken care of ASAP. For more clarity, print the date these items need to be taken care of by on your colored labels.

Color Coding

If your office works on multiple types of projects, using colored labels can help you code projects by job type. An example would be an interior design business that works on both residential and commercial projects. Using separate colors can make it easier to find documents you need when your office gets chaotic.

Promotional Materials

Promotional materials that you give to prospective clients can benefit from the use of colored labels. For small business, printing labels from your printer with your contact information can save you money as they might keep you from having to re-print labels if you change your contact information. Using printable colored labels also allows you to order cheaper promotional materials that won’t seem generic once you put your label on them, which can save you a great deal of money. You may also be able to buy one or two color printed promotional materials that you can spruce up with color label printing.

File Cabinets

If your business is like most, you have a huge amount of important papers that you need to keep for tax purposes and to document your jobs. File cabinets obviously do an excellent job of storing these papers, but it can difficult to know where you put what, especially years after you file something. Using colored labels as a way to identify drawers in file cabinets can help you easily locate the documents you need by labeling cabinets by date, job type and document type. Print basic information on the labels before putting them on your file cabinets to help you locate what you’re looking for even faster.


Colored labels can be very beneficial to businesses that keep a large amount of stock in a warehouse or storeroom to be sold. Using colored labels can help you identify when you need to re-order a regularly stocked item, when an item needs to be put on display or even when payment must be made to the manufacturer. However you decide to use them, colored labels can make dealing with inventory easier.


Businesses deal with a lot of mail, and colored labels can help you sort outgoing and incoming mail. Colored labels are especially beneficial if you’re dealing with mailing for marketing purposes and receiving replies from interested consumers. You don’t need to mark each piece, but marking a bundle or organizer can help keep your mail from getting mixed up.


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