The Benefits of AllegroMedicalcom Compression Socks

Compression socks are used by people suffering from vein disorders as well as athletes who use them while playing sports. For patients who have problems with pain in their legs, compression socks can reduce pressure on the veins and relieve leg pain. The socks are made from strong elastics and are tight at the ankles to help improve blood circulation. Some socks must be obtained by prescription, but there are also socks available over-the-counter that can help people with the same issues. Doctors will often prescribe them to patients who will be undergoing varicose vein surgery.

Before buying compression socks, there are a few things to take into account.
There are two types of compression socks: gradient and anti-embolism socks. Gradient socks are used by patients who are able to walk. They are designed to help blood circulate through the calf area and are often recommended to patients who are at risk for blood clots. Anti-embolism socks, on the other hand, are designed for people who are confined to their beds and can’t walk around. These socks also reduce the risk of blood clots, but for bed-ridden patients instead of those who walk.

All compression socks come in a number of sizes, lengths and styles. They can be made-to-measure, or you can buy from a number of ready-made sizes. Lengths of socks include knee-high, thigh-high, or pantyhose style compression socks that fit over underwear. Different styles of socks also exist such as open or closed toe, and a variety of skin tone and neutral colors. Depending on your style, you should be able to find the right stockings for you in terms of strength and style.

Over-the-counter compression socks can be purchased online where you will find the widest variety of sizes, styles and colors. Unfortunately, many local stores carry limited supplies, but with online ordering, you can be sure to find the size you are looking for. In addition, many online vendors offer discounts to repeat customers, free shipping with minimum orders, and sales prices not found offline. In many cases, buying your compression socks online can save you money compared to the local vendors.

Patients who are interested in using compression socks should consult with their doctors first since there are a few disorders that can be made worse by the use of compression socks. However, the majority of patients suffering from vein disorders in their legs will find these socks to be extremely helpful in limiting a lot of the pain.


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