The Importance of Keeping Yourself Organized After an Accident

Whether you were in a car accident, slip-and-fall or work-related accident, it can be a traumatic, distressing experience for many people, especially if serious injuries are incurred. While you may feel somewhat flustered and emotionally unstable after an injury, it is very important that you document your activities and keep yourself organized after an accident. Make detailed notes of phone calls, doctor’s visits and even your personal itinerary after an accident. Staying organized can be the difference between receiving compensation for bodily injury and having to foot the bills yourself. An Atlanta truck accident attorney can best help you when you help yourself.

Start Making Notes and Keeping Them Organized Right Away

If you require serious medical attention after an accident it may be impossible to document what you say and do right after an accident occurs. However, in the case of a minor to moderate car accident after which you are able to walk away under your own power, for example, you should write down everything you say to everyone involved, including other motorists, pedestrians near the accident and police officers. Keeping a record of what you say may come in handy later on if you are seeking compensation for personal injury even though it may not be admissible in court.

Staying Organized Will Help Your Attorney

Hiring an attorney after any accident that wasn’t your fault is a good idea, but if you don’t notice injuries right away you may not see any need to hire an attorney immediately after an accident. However, neck, back, head and shoulder injuries often don’t present symptoms until some time has passed after an accident. Keeping documentation of your activities after an accident can help your attorney save time gathering information and build a stronger case, which could result in a larger settlement amount for you. Proper record keeping may also help you get your money faster, which could be essential if you need to pay hospital bills or make rent, mortgage or car payments and you are unable to work.

Being Organized Keeps You from Losing Important Documents

It may seem somewhat obvious, but keeping records of phone calls, doctor’s visits and any other documentation regarding your accident organized will keep you from losing papers that could help you get a settlement or win a court case. Without certain documents you may end up having to pay your medical bills out of your own pocket. Your doctor may be able to provide you with documentation of visits, but it can be time consuming for you and your attorney to round them up during a trial. Accidents can happen and even doctors can lose documents, so you shouldn’t rely on anybody but yourself to

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