Things to do near Illinois Wesleyan University

Bloomington, where the Illinois Wesleyan University is situated is a small town but yet has a lot to offer any visiting tourist. With enough diversity in lifestyle, one will find here a unique community that is both interesting and unusual. Many places of attraction around the Illinois Wesleyan University will be appealing to a visiting tourist. There are many nice hotels near Illinois Wesleyan University which are affordable too. Visitors to Bloomington will find the town fascinating as the area surrounding the Illinois Wesleyan University has an abundant of things to offer like entertainment venues, cocktail lounges, restaurants, shopping centers etc. Tourists can get a chance to do boating, hiking, golfing and more.

Some of the attractions found here include the Miller Park Zoo, the State Historic site, David Davis mansion, the Prairie Aviation Museum, an elegant Victorian mansion, the US Cellular Coliseum and many others. For those who want to relax in between their sightseeing trip, the place offers a variety of coffee shops and bookstores.

Nightlife in the areas surrounding the Illinois Wesleyan University is quite popular. Bars in downtown Bloomington are a haven to a thirsty soul that is in need of a drink. Attracting different types of crowds, the bars are quite expensive as in any other place. Bartenders here make drinks stronger than those one would get in Chicago. One thing to note is that no person below 21 years of age is allowed inside a bar in Bloomington.

One can find in this small town an unbelievable lot of places to eat different types of cuisines from around the world. A number of these franchise restaurants or locally owned eateries are all within walking distance from the Illinois Wesleyan University. Tourists can enjoy all kinds of foods like Chinese, pizzas, burgers, fries, sushi and even Thai food.

And for those tourists keen on a zoo visit, the Miller Park Zoo always has something exciting to offer like the mouse opossums, butterfly exhibits, the six banded armadillo, the Sumatran tiger, snow leopards, bald eagles, red wolves  and more. It is worthwhile to watch the feeding of the sea lions, which is a regular feature daily between 10:30 am to 3 pm.

A cluster of theatres located on the Illinois State University campus are an interesting feature for an art loving tourist soul. Productions like the “Hedda Gabler,” “Twelfth Night” and Spring Dance Concert are some worthwhile events that one would love to watch. The Aviation Museum in another unique sightseeing place and is known for its outdoor display of historical aircrafts. With such places around the IWU, tourists are sure to feel happy visiting Bloomington just as they would be if they were staying in hotels in Danville Illinois or hotels in Springfield Illinois.

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